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Supporting CMS and other healthcare agencies with expertise in Risk Adjustment, Quality of Care, Encounter Data, Prescription Drug Data, Fee-for-Service Claims, MAC program, Physician Fee Schedule, and Program Integrity

Program Support

  • Serve as SMEs with commercial and government healthcare policy, program, data, and analytics
  • Provide a specialized focus on risk adjustment, quality, and program integrity
  • Deploy analytic systems for strategic, tactical, and operational decisions
  • Manage day-to-day operations using Agile methods and best practices
  • Knowledgeable in medical & pharmacy claims, encounter data, clinical and labs records, and operational data
  • Deploy grouper and classification technologies (e.g. CMS-HCC, ETG, ERG, DRG, ACG)
  • Optimize data and statistical programming using SAS®, Python, R, and SQL
  • Convert legacy system to open-source for cost-effectiveness and modernization efforts

Data Management


  • Deliver insights from data to improve policy outcomes and program effectiveness
  • Develop and design research, evaluate programs, and conduct traditional statistical analyses
  • Model data using Machine Learning, Forecasting, Simulation, and NLP & Text Mining techniques
  • Provide visualizations, dashboards, and other applications to enable self-service analytics
  • Migrate analytic platforms to the cloud
  • Transition legacy SAS® to SAS VIYA® for better innovation
  • Convert SAS® to Python, Spark, R, & SQL code
  • Assess, classify, and prioritize legacy code for conversion
  • Modernized multiple government health programs


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