Know your CMS-HCC risk scores with our simple to use scoring tool

No code required risk scores

Easy scripting for data integration

Supports multiple CMS-HCC models without SAS®

Easy to Get Started & Implement

As low as ¢2 per person scored


  • No code or SAS® required
  • Run CMS-HCC models on your desktop
  • Select model output variables for analysis
  • Input and Output data using CSV
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux supported
  • Batch calculate risk scores with Command Line Interface (CLI) no SAS® required
  • Load directly into your data warehouse
  • Linux, Mac, and Windows supported
  • Input and Output data using CSV

Command Line Interface (CLI)

CMS-HCC Models

  • Medicare Advantage and PACE Organizations
  • 2021 and 2022 CMS-HCC v22 and v24 models
  • Enables data scientist and analysts to:
    • Assess accuracy and completeness of payments
    • Stratify a population by HCC and risk cohort
    • Predict future costs and risk adjustment performance
  • Step-by-step instructions to get started
  • Access to a resource library of tutorial videos and how-to documents
  • Run on desktop, on-premise or cloud server
  • Implementation service available on request
  • Email support

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Tier Price Count in Tier Costs
1 to 10,000 $0.08
10,001 to 100,000 $0.06
100,001 to 250,000 $0.04
250,001+ $0.02
Total Scored & Costs
  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • Pay-As-You-Go based on people scored per model run
  • Tiered pricing as low as ¢2 per person scored
  • Customer dashboard to track use and costs
  • Email support

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